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Mariner Software WinJournal for Windows PC

Mariner Software WinJournal for Windows PC
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Create, Maintain, Blog, and Podcast a Personal Journal

Product Information

Effortlessly organize and record your thoughts and daily events with this journal software. Publish entries to your favorite blog site or keep secure on your PC. Even podcast with WinJournal – the all-in-one blog client!

  • Chronicle your life securely on your PC
  • Organize your notes or thoughts
  • Publish your blog to the Internet in seconds
  • Easily podcast or record audio as an entry

Why use WinJournal instead of a blog site's control panel?  WinJournal lets you have far greater control over your blog. Have access to your entries without always having to log in to your blog's control panel. Enjoy advanced formatting control, spellcheck, password protection, audio attachments, and more using the blog client from WinJournal.

Product Highlights

Archive your life
Chronicle life's moments for your grandchildren, your children, or yourself! Look back years from now to recall what you were involved with today. Add photos, links, audio, graphics, or just words. WinJournal’s journal software will archive your entries, keeping them safe and secure on your hard drive.

To Blog or Not to Blog
Let's face it, the Internet makes communication incredibly easy. Blogging, or publishing and maintaining a journal on the Internet, is the latest form of expressing yourself. Communicate with family and friends or step up onto your own personal soapbox; WinJournal makes blogging a snap. Then again, if you're more the private type and want to keep your writing on your hard drive, WinJournal gives you two levels of security: Password protection and AES-256 encryption.

WinJournal can Podcast too
Tell a story in your own voice or record a loved one telling a story. Great for personalizing your entries, making a strong point, leaving messages, reminders and more. Post your podcast and share your voice with the world!

Full Screen Mode... Write in Distraction-Free Bliss
If you are a writer who needs a distraction-free writing landscape, WinJournal's Full Screen feature is for you! No background apps, no email, no system tray alerts, just you and your words.

Product Features

  • Publish to blog - Publish your blog in two clicks!
  • Podcast - Share audio with listeners who subscribe to your podcast via RSS.
  • Full screen - A simple key combination brings you into distraction-free mode.
  • Search - Search for any word, in any entry, in any journal.
  • Statistics -Show a list of the most common words, total characters, average words per entry.
  • View blog in browser - Use your browser to view your blog.
  • Insert song info - Automatically add the name and artist of the WinAmp song you're listening to.
  • Discover Wiki Links - Find links between your journals and entries.
  • Journals pane - Create and organize all your journals hierarchically.

Windows Requirements

  • Windows 2000, 2000 Server, XP Pr and Home, Vista
  • CD-ROM drive
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  • UPC: 605691600005 
  • Mfr's Part #: 60000 

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